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If I Were Satan? Medicine and Religion From Hell

What institutions are you able to attack when you’re Satan and you want to eliminate as many lives as you possibly can? If you are new to this sacred and life-changing medicine and how it can help you, you can check it out on kambo dieta

Stage One: Medicine

If I were Satan, the medical market could be mine and I could take it over. Which other institution of man could cause more damage?

I would try to get into health-related schools to educate students about how to treat symptoms and signs.

I personally taught health care learners that chronic illnesses may be the result of purely natural manifestations. I also disclaim any correlation between illness and spiritual state.

I could make chemical medicine that causes deadly side effects. If this happens, I’d tell professional medical trainees they have to only use my drugs to treat their own disease symptoms. I would advise students that natural drugs can be dangerous to your system and cannot be trusted as cures for sick people.

I would be looking for greedy men to run a drug empire that preserves sick people. I might broadcast my medication on television to get people to question their doctors about prescribing it.

I’d be able to get pure natural human body conditions such as pregnancy and hormonal imbalance, thyroid infections, sinus infections. This would enable me to discover other uses of my medicine.

Personally, I would be intelligent when referring to medical conditions. Men and women will soon begin to believe that their entire bodies cannot be trusted. I would use phrases such as kidney failure, spasticcolon, and heart attack.

My clients may be led to believe that they have a diagnosed disease. But, in reality they just received a diagnosis and a name. It can appear like a doctor has diagnosed a sickness. This is why people often get “diagnosed” just in time for them to be able to use a new drug.

Next, my personal use of the government of man would be to secure my healthcare and drug businesses. I created a Foods and Drug Administration and used it to deprive citizens of any means of serious healing. I would use this Food-and-Drug Administration to my advantage by making it impossible for anyone to make health claims about others without scientific evidence. Of course, I would personally command all scientists and medical professionals who publish study benefits, so results are kept in my favor.

I might refuse to let my agents analyze any claims that point out a connection between vaccines and diseases and deaths.

Period two: Church

If I were Satan, the pulpits in churches would be filled with pastors who claim that God does no longer heal the sick. These pastors would have me personally teach them that the healing process should be quick to be called miraculous.

I have made it difficult to discern the original meanings and applications of the terms “heal” or “save” as they appear in the Bible.

I’d be concerned about persecution and ridicule from the community if church leaders had been to preach that God actively intervenes inside this particular bodily entire universe.

This way, I’m able deny God the glory of healing by those who bear the mark His Spirit and take the title His Son.

My induced illnesses and other sicknesses will continue to be caused by my spiritual resistance over time. People will begin to place greater faith in clinical than in the God or information.

This is why I can kill many, many people.