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Piano Lamp – Save Your Eyes And Enjoy Better Music

People used to play piano by candlelight in the 1800s. This was dangerous as it made it very difficult to read and see the keys Albany piano store. A second problem was the glare from the glowing candle. This reduced their vision of the music and could have caused headaches. A cover was placed on the back of a candle by an inventor to reduce the glare. This allowed the light from the candle to focus onto the piano keys as well as the sheet music in front. The Piano Lamp was born.

It wasn’t long before electricity and the lightbulb were invented that the same issue arose with an electric bulb. While the lightbulb was safer than the candle it was still harsh on the eyes. The cover was attached to the front of the bulb to reduce the glare. A piano lamp light fixture was essential for anyone who wants to play a piano.
Candelabras, which are fancy piano lamps, have been around for a while. These multi-light arrangements sit on top grand pianos. They can be formal and costly, ranging from $200 to $1,000 per style. While the candelabra is beautiful, as are most piano lamps, its primary function is still to illuminate sheet music and the piano keyboard. They aren’t limited to grand pianos. These lamps can be used with console, upright and studio pianos.

Some models of vertical lamps are higher than others and can be placed directly on top or below the piano. These models offer the benefit of being able display light from a variety angles and at almost any height the player desires. They all have the same common feature, they are all hooded so that the light from the piano’s keys is not too bright. Many piano players buy a lamp for their piano to display in their home. They can be very beautiful, but also very practical.